PAULANADAL design studio is led by Paula Nadal De Eusebio, a Catalonian creative that has built her career redefining the concept of luxury through artisanal design. After her university degree in Fashion Design, Paula continued her practices working within multiple design houses in Spain and London, where in 2018 she finally decided to establish her company.

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Paula started dreaming at the young age about fashion and the art of creation. However, it was at the early stage in her career that she realised that this fabulous world didn’t come with as many of the positive aspects as she had imagined. Companies suffering internally, from, ethically, sustainably and social issues. This is something far away of our  because we understand that our personas and our planet should never be responsible for the creation of fashion.

Then, Paula’s dream company was not in the market, yet. She knew that her peculiar vision could be her strength and creating her own niche space was the solution.

"Because our values and our planet should not be scarified for fashion.

 If the things are done properly. 

A company that would hold true to its values and emphasise the need for beautiful clothes and beautiful processes, alongside an honest identity.

Because we should not scare

PAULANADAL was founded in London 2018, a city that can not be mistaken with no other and a place where you can show as much carachter as you please.